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Street art is a form of self expression in creativity, pride, giving out a message or just for the fun of it. It doesn’t depend on other people’s criticism or their money. It can’t be moved or preserved. It is ever-changing and its canvas is anything around us. It catches people’s eyes and imagination and creates a unique atmosphere. It is Free but is largely illegal.

So how can we capture this sort of art and atmosphere?


The only way to potentially preserve and showcase street art is to relocate its community and canvas. In the premises of a licensed gallery, people who used to illegally vandalize the streets can do so in a legal manner.

The new community will also hold workshops on how to create street art, so instead of learning the hard way, practicing with indecent works, they can be taught techniques and styles so that their outcome is what the artist intended. This way, illegal vandalizing is replaced with productive artistry.

In this new environment street art will also evolve to create new techniques and types of art that may not be possible on the streets such as; large fixtures, light sculptures, collaborative works etc.

Relocation of the street art community will enrichen its standard in a legal manner and expose itself to viewers that may not have appreciated or be able to see before.



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