2nd public interaction experiment (demo): The Invisible string + Counter interaction

Aim: If they don’t react we will react to them and see if that would compel a reaction from them.

Method: If ignored we will interact with the user in various ways to see if they will react.



Procedure: Two people squat across a pathway with a distance of around 2-3m. One jesters the action of giving string and the other jesters taking string in sync motion creating an invisible string across the path.


If they walk slowly without noticing, the two people will stand up as to raise the string. Or if they walk past without looking, a sound will alert them that a string snapped.


Street art Stop-motion Video

Street art is largely an illegal art in most countries. The project was to create a safe haven for writers and artists. The problem with the movement was that the essence of graffiti and other street art might be lost. The excitement and the dynamic characteristic of street art will be erased if it is just located in the galleries and not out in the streets where they belong.

This video is just an illustration of street art community might be able to shift into a safer environment where training and planning can happen before they tackle the streets. A richer community will be able to develop when artists get the chance to meet and socialize.




thai street artists


Bon – Artistic Graffiti

BNE – Viral Tagging




Graffiti Contest/Battle

Graffiti contests are usual a part of a larger event that involves hip-hop and street skate cultures just to name a few. Theses battles create large audiences and participates them to watch and choose the winners of the battle. The preparations for these battles require permissions from the authorities (if they are located outside) and creates a controlled event rather than rampant tagging on unwanted properties.

Commissioned/Requested Murals

Companies that commission street artist to paint their buildings or artists that request permission to paint on their buildings creates a positive relationship between artists and companies in a legal manner. This creates an opportunity to enforce a positive image for the artists and large pieces of art that can be painted with care and time.

Street Spotting/Cataloging/Mapping

Street art mapping sites

These sites provide locations of  important street art in various countries. It creates a guide for people who want to see specific artworks from specific artists.


Workshops/Art Demonstrations

Graffiti workshops are a popular way to teach people the techniques involved in the art. It is way to nurture young talent. These workshops can also be utilized for company add campaigns that provide for the culture. These companies include Adidas and Nike which provides street wear.


OBEY/Andre the Giant has a Posse, is a street art and viral marketing campaign that uses Gen-X media manipulation to spread. The simple appeal of the iconic stencils and stickers provided a simple template that could be mass produced and applied worldwide.

Don’t ban the can

This campaign promotes awareness to the social community by holding events that combines hip-hop and street skate cultures. These campaigns strive to preserve some street art works and also designate legal areas for graffiti such as large storm water drains.


Paradigm Shift


Relocation” is not only limited the shift of location, but also a shift of the way street artists think, a “Paradigm Shift“. This shift will enrichen and create more possibilities of street art.

Imagine if these spaces were to be revitalized with art and events. The cold, abandoned and dangerous feeling will be replaced with an inspiring, social and lively place. The changed feeling will be part of the “paradigm shift” concept.


street art – uncommon


The following videos are references of street art that are out of the ordinary. Whether it be playing with illusions to create interactivity, creating a dynamic 3d sculpture that creates interest, or creating a series of temporary paintings to create an animation, these are the types of creative street art that require intellect, patience and experience.

Joshua Allen Harris’ Inflatable Bag Monsters

Joshua’s  monsters breaks the typical 2D street art standards by creating a moving, dynamic sculpture which uses rising air from the subway vents to inflate ‘monsters’ made of garbage bags.

The Crevasse – 3D Street Art

Illusion art is a technique used on the path.  It has a high visibility and creates interaction due to the accessibility and the realistic power of the illusion.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis

MUTO and COMBO are amazing stop-motion animations that requires lots of time and painting. It utilizes the urban canvas well but the sad thing is that little is left in the end on the walls.

Light Graffiti – Ford Kuga

Light graffiti is an art-form that disappears in an instant. It creates a new perspective of how graffiti can be captured, only through the lens of a camera. This introduces a new media of graffiti.